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I Never Met This Day Before

Plato once said, “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Sometime my heart reflects that dreary sentiment. I in no way mean to cheapen the hardship of war by likening it to wiping 5 year old poop off the floor or dealing with city inspectors, but the past 4 weeks have felt a bit like a war. It seems like I wake up each morning ready to deal with a new crisis situation. I’ve admitted to our team that I’m running out of brave.

And then there’s the reality of 14 little smiles that change everything. London is so intuitive about my emotions. Yesterday at lunch she said, “What’s wrong Miss Kalie? Are you sad or just really focusing? It’s okay though cause you’re the best teacher in the whole world.” Perhaps more compelling than her kind and encouraging words is her zest for life. One day, when the sun decided it wanted to live in Kansas City again, we took the kids to the lawn of the Nelson to play. Mer and I were talking and London ran up to Mer, hugged her tight and with eyes full of life said, “This is the best day of my life!” (It’s important to note that London says these words most days.) Mer asked her what made this day so special to which London beautifully replied, “I never met this day before!”

5 year-olds have a way of reminding you when you’re being like a silly grown-up that is taking life too seriously. I woke up ready to label the day bad, zealous to find it’s flaws and eager to see it end. London woke up ready to embrace the day, to meet it, to get to know what makes it beautiful, eager to find God’s fingerprints on everything. I think London’s eyes were sparkling with life because they were seeing Jesus in everything. Mine were dull and tired because they were failing to see the beauty that was right in front of me inviting me to join London in celebration. London gets that each day is a day that God Himself has created, she lives as a child full of wonder, captivated by the glory of each new day. I long to have that same passion for life. To wake up each day, even in the midst of tough battles, with an earnest longing to meet the day. After all, God created it.

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