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Meet Kistin

Spending 9 hours a day, 5 days a week with someone really helps you get to know them well. We are honored to get to live life with and know some really cool little humans and we're excited to introduce them to you!

We'll start with Kistin:

From the Grown-Ups

One word that describes Kistin:

Kalie: Zealous. Whether she is encouraging a friend, praying a prayer, playing at recess or throwing a fit, she does it with a zeal that is somehow packed into her little frame.

Meredith: Grit. This girl is unstoppable.

Favorite Kistin Story:

Kalie: We were outside at recess one day and a spider crawled up on the slide. The kids were huddled around it screaming. As I walked over to move the spider, Kistin beat me to it. She somehow jumped through the crowd of kids, up onto the slide and drop kicked the spider. She then declared she was a part of the "Wonder Woman Girls" and that's how she was so awesome at killing spiders.

Meredith: This is really hard because there are so many. I keep a note in my phone soley devoted to the witty hilarious things Kistin says and does. But here's one: Every morning we pray to get our day started and a few students were absent due to various illnesses. I asked some of the kids if they would pray for the friends in our class who were gone and not feeling well. Kistin closed her eyes tight and clasped her hands together and said, "Dear God, please send a get well soon card to Messiah and Nariah." #godcandoanything

What makes Kistin so special:

Kalie: Kistin's brain is a sponge. If you say a word she doesn't understand she stops you and demands an explaination. She loves school and learning. But what excites me the most is how she loves learning about God. She recites her memory verses with conviction and passion, she retells the accounts of the Bible as if she was actually there and wants you to really understand what God was up to, and she is quick to tell others what she has learned. Kistin has charisma. The synergy of her charisma colliding with her love of God and people makes me excited for the ways she will make God's name big through her life.

Meredith: Today in class London started wilting as she expressed that her sister was calling her names and telling her she wasn't special. Kistin looked over at London and said, "London, who made you? London answered, "God." Kistin: "So does it matter what your sister says or what God says?" London: "God." Kistin: "And what does God say?" London: "That I'm special." That moment today was maybe one that tugged on my heart the hardest. I loved that Kistin was using the truth she is learning to encourage her friend about her identity and value. Kistin is one of the littlest friends in our class, but her passion and exuberance to learn and love "her friends" (as she calls the people in our class) are like dynamite. She makes me excited to come to school.

Our favorite Kistin Quote:

"I love when today is today!"

What Kistin had to say about herself:

Favorite song:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Favorite color:

"Purple, pink, and violet (you know, the color in the rainbow)."

Favorite thing about school:

"Going to centers. Centers help you think about your numbers and patterns and stuff. I just love 'em so much cause I love 'em so much cause I wanna go to them so much and I can’t wait until we go to centers." Favorite thing I’ve learned this year:

"I love learning my sight words cause they help me read my books."

What I have learned about God:

"God is love, God is powerful and God is good. God loves us and God sent HIs son to die for us because of His great big love. And the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life (that means forever and ever) through Christ Jesus our Lord. And Noah always did the right thing, but when he messed up He told God sorry but the other people kept doing the wrong thing and they got drownded. God said don’t do it, but they just kept doing the wrong thing. So God said, 'ya’ll are gonna have to die cause your hearts are just so yucky and your never ever said sorry.' So then the rain came down and Noah got a hugtrungous boat and got the animals and the snakes and the spiders and the elephants and also you might wanna know that God can fly. Then also some birds can fly and some of them found a place to land and then God put a rainbow in the sky (it looks like a bow and arrow) to show us that He was so compassionate so He killed himself instead of all of us. Christ (He also goes by Jesus and Messiah) died cause we deserved some punishment but I didn’t get punished Jesus died for me. I’m gonna be God’s friend. Oh and Adam and Eve ate the fruit so they had to die to but God had a rescue plan called Jesus."

What I want every one to know about me:

"I like my pretty beads, they look so cute to me, and I like them so much and they look so cute to me and they are happy when they are in my hair."

What are you awesome at:

"Well actually not just one thing cause I’m just awesome."

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