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The ABC Anthem

I'm currently sitting in a classroom listening to 11 little scholars enthusiastically rap the letters of the alphabet. I wish you could be here too because it's a beautiful sound. It's a sound of hope and zeal and joy and as it fills the room it all feels worth it. The long nights learning building codes and the early morning meetings and all the headaches in between. All the selfless volunteers who have given their time and all the sacrificial dollars that are funding this joyous sound were not in vain. Today the alphabet sounds like a victory chant. It sounds like a proclamation that the chains of injustice that trap innocent kids in the cycle of poverty are loosening their grip. That maybe, just maybe, one of these little 5 year olds will break free and be a radical agent of change in their community proclaiming the glorious Good New of the Gospel. Maybe just maybe.

My aunt sent me a text on the first day of school (I have a real awesome family!) beckoning me to look real close to see the angels God is commissioning to fight alongside us at UCA. I'm not an expert on angels and demons and all that exists in the spiritual world, but for a moment as I was driving the bus to pick up our first students I began to picture heaven. You see, for me the first day of school was the culmination of lots of dreaming and hard work. But as I started picturing heaven I started to wonder if there were angels who were just as excited to be on a bus driving to the first day of school because they had been anticipating August 20th just as eagerly as I had. And I pictured God saying, "this is where the story starts to get real good....I've been waiting for this part!" I don't know that any of those things really happened but it brought great joy to me. We are not alone. There is this team of humans giving in so many ways to fuel the dream and there is an army I can't see fighting alongside us. It's amazing to be a part of something bigger than me. The first day of school gave me great hope that what is happening at Urban Christian Academy is bigger than any of us. So here we go! It's really happening. If you'd like to learn more about how you can keep adding fuel to the dream and engaging in the story that is unfolding check out our website for ways to volunteer, donate, and pray. Thanks for believing in us and making the first day of school a reality! - Kalie

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