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First Day of School Eve

It's 12:22 am on the day I will meet the inaugural kindergarten class of Urban Christian Academy.

In so many ways it was tempting to doubt if this day would ever come.There were so many what if's that stood in between us and August 20th. And the resounding message God has been painting on the canvas that is UCA is this: my way is not (always) conventional. your what if's do not limit me. I am faithful. I have felt like Moses so many times looking up at God trying to convince him of the illogical nature of this adventure. And then He provides. And I remember how silly I am trying to make my limits his. And His provision is not always how I pictured it or what I had planned (exhibit a: what I am calling the "pop up classroom"). But He is there. He is there through the body at Wornall Road Baptist who sought us out, asked how they could support what we were doing, and ended up opening up their space until we can get into 4328 Jackson. He is there through the generous people who give sacrificially so we can put gasoline in our motherload of a school bus. He is there when we meet the famililes we will get to be friends with and the kids we will get to share Jesus with. He is all around this.

And so tomorrow, for the first time ever in my life, I will go to school knowing that I can tell my eleven new friends about a God who is strong when we feel weak. A God who provides when we don't see a way. A God who saw a great need and did something about it. Even when it was unconventional.

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