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19 and Counting...

Our first day of school count down has led us to the teens. 19 days. That leaves with about 300 waking hours before the little buddies join us for the first day of school. I can list 300 things that need to get done and some of them will take more than an hour. That's kinda scary! But then I remember that's me thinking in terms of me. With 300 hours I can accomplish 300 hours of things. I'm good with math. But it's not just me. Some of you have invested some time buying school supplies and sending them down, some of you are helping create homework packets, some of you are buying UCA shirts which is raising money for student uniforms, some of you are praying, some of you are giving advice, some of you are collecting used backpacks, some of you are proofreading our documents, some of you are encouraging us. So I did a little more math. If all 568 of our Facebook followers pitched in one hour we would almost double the amount of hours we can invest in getting things started. You may only have a few extra pencils laying around but if you get those to us sharpened you've helped us cross one things off of the to-do list. We are keenly aware that God is using His people to pull this off. We need you to make August 20th and the days following it a success. Together we're making this dream come alive!

So real talk, here's where we are at and how you can make a tangible difference:

  • Pray! We still don't have the building. But that's okay, God is helping us work it out and we will start school on August 20th regardless. We will probably be temporarily located in another facility but the building won't prevent us from helping little buddies grow their brains. But we need some prayer. Our heads know to trust God's timing but our feeble hearts get worried. Please pray that in God's relentless grace he would give us the courage to trust Him and Him alone.

  • Volunteer! Our first volunteer training meeting is coming up on August 16th. We need lots of people helping us move into whatever location God has for us. Lots of people to help keep that space clean. People to help cook breakfast and lunch. People to help tutor. People to teach classes. People to chaperone field trips. People to organize files. People to coach other parents. We have lots to do. So sign up to come down on the 16th to learn more about how you can use your gifts to serve at UCA,

  • Donate! We are currently sitting a little over the half-way mark of being fully funded. God has provided so generously, We trust Him to continue to provide, we have no reason not too. Every resource in the world belongs to Him. Here are the resources we currently need:

  • School supplies: Check out our wish list here.

  • Uniforms: By purchasing one of our UCA Champion shirts, you not only get to rock an awesome shirt but you provide the funds for us to purchase a uniform for a student.

  • Monthly Donors: You can join the team by pledging to support a child monthly. You can join our sustaining donors team here.

  • Make a one-time donation. Every dollar helps create space for students to grow their brains. We've mentioned before that if every person in KC gave $0.07 we'd be fully funded for the year. If your think your small donation doesn't make a big impact, think again. $1.71 buys a writing journal that will stretch a scholars brain for an entire year. $5.88 provides a football that generate hours of exercise and team building. $11.74 provides Kleenex's that will comfort little faces when their emotions overwhelm them and when their winter cold tries to wear them out. $29.48 buys a pencil sharpener which allows students to practice what they are learning all year long...and for years to come. $51.78 provides crayons for home and school for the entire school year. Each component in the classroom matters and God can use your generosity to accomplish great things.

  • Spread the Word! Share our story with people you know. Maybe they have a resource that can unlock the door for a child to grow. Here's a link to our promo video ( and website: (

So with 19 days left there's something for all of us to do. Together we can do this. Thanks for being a UCA Champion.

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