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Join The Elementary School Team

Now accepting applications for
Currently accepting applications for:
the start date for the following positions would be June, 2022

Elementary Reading Teacher (accepting applications for all grades)

Elementary Math Teacher (accepting applications for all grades)

Elementary Enrichment (accepting applications for individuals interested in teaching art + play and or science + movement)

We are looking for individuals to join our team who deeply care about kids and believe in their endless potential. We are looking for individuals who see scholars as the heroes of the story and devote themselves to empowering these future leaders. This means teachers take time to build trust-based relationships with each scholar in their classroom. They lead the people in their classrooms by empowering them to see the world through a lens of gratitude, collaboration, and grit. Academically, teachers use data and curriculum resources to inform differentiated learning. We believe an integral part of loving kids is ensuring every scholar is given an equitable opportunity to reach academic big goals.

Desired Qualifications:


  • The most competitive applicants are individuals who have experience building strong relationships with minority or historically marginalized individuals ; applicants who understand that building relationships of this nature are mutually enriching 

  • Experience teaching minority + low-income students and data evidence that shows teaching addressed specific student gaps 

  • Bachelor's degree required

  • An understanding that the most powerful way to communicate the radical love of the gospel is through relationship building + meeting tangible needs 

  • Cultivate a safe learning environment that is attuned to the real and felt needs of scholars

  • Professional in communication

  • Understands that it is the adult's job to come to work each day ready to be a safe place for kids to not be ok 

  • Follow grade specific scope and sequence

  • Use UCA provided template to create weekly lesson plans (most teachers who are new to UCA spend anywhere from 4-8 hours outside of school preparing strategic, data informed lesson plans)

  • Collect, enter and analyze scholar data with an acute attention to detail paired with the ability to act strategically 

  • Create, plan, and execute content that helps achieve a 90% class average on post tests

  • Receive feedback with humility and action

  • Self-Reflect on classroom leadership with an internal locus of control and a growth mindset 

  • Utilize school wide systems of behavior management + build relationships with parents and families to create a classroom space of trust and learning

  • Utilize UCA guiding principles to inform trust-based relationships with each student 

  • Establish relationships of trust with scholars’ families / parents through consistent celebrations/opportunities for growth

  • Perform other school-wide duties before and or after school (student supervision)

  • Attend + participate in UCA professional development

  • Flexible and ambitious; understands the unique position in being a part of a startup

Compensation/ sALARY

UCA offers a competitive salary comparable to surrounding districts and charter schools. Job offers will reflect applicants' experience, qualifications and anticipated job responsibilities. UCA also provides a healthcare package to employees. 

Please click the link to fill out an application. If you have questions about employment opportunities, please contact

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