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It's game time. In order to continue to invest in the lives of the inaugural kindergarten class, we need $200,000 to add 4th grade. We're calling on you, the faithful UCA champions, to ensure these faces are still at UCA next year. The plan is simple. On April 4th (4/4) we're linking arms with as many UCA champions as we can to raise money for 4th grade. You play a vital role not just in the success of the campaign but in the growth of UCA. Here's how you join:


You sign up and commit to host a fundraising page. The fundraising page is your tool to engage with others via social media. The page is easy to use. You simply upload a picture, set a campaign goal, write a blurb about why you are advocating for these UCA scholars and then spread the word to your sphere of influence.  We'll provide all the training, graphics and support!

Click the "Register Now" button below to join with us in sticking up for kids who need your action. Make your pledge and join the movement.

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