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UCA manifesto


in the grand metanarrative of a God who has redeemed and is restoring all things back to Himself.


that our kids are worth the hard gritty hustle; that they’re worth us sticking around and putting down roots for. 


Rest is not optional but an essential rhythm of a healthy soul. 


In making each other better and doing what’s best for kids.


that God is like a bazillion-sided diamond and we know more of His beauty because of His reflection in our kids. 


that loving kids in the richest way is a series of paradoxes more than a formula or a policy.  


that there is no human or group of humans that could ever fully undo the intentionally inflicted wounds of slavery, racism and systematic oppression that Black and Brown boys and girls still live with.


that we’re not the heroes and that healing will come through the power of Jesus. 


that we have a lot to learn from people who are different from us. 


that all kids deserve to have a space in their world that feels safe like home; that kids deserve to be kids. 


that God doesn’t call people who are perfectly equipped but that He equips those who He calls. 


that only those who have faced their own darkness can effectively lead others to the light. 


in the courageous act of just doing something; sometimes the first step is all you need to know. 


that following Jesus is not simply a call to live correctly but an invitation to live fully.


in a radical, scandalous grace that is wildly inclusive; it opens up the doors and makes room at the table.


in a God who wastes nothing.


that nothing disarms fear like play; 


in pursuing moments to be beside kids not over them.


in wonder and thin spaces like ice cream trucks and magnifying glasses and cozy hugs and sorry for’s and bandaids and jumping in the pool. 


In family, not just the DNA kind.


that helplessness is how the Christian life works; our job is to create space for the Holy Spirit to do the work of transformation. 


that success is not the absence of failure but the humility and courage to persevere in the face of setbacks and mistakes, coming out wiser on the other side.


that God has and will do more than we could ever possibly ask or think and we will never give up.

Our Story

The term Christian means a lot of things. It's been used to oppress and silence and also to bring light and hope and freedom. Our team is full of people who are willing to look honestly at both the damage Christianity has caused and the truth it holds to invite us in deeper. 

We believe the Bible is full of wisdom and the person of Jesus is the most powerful example of embodied love. We use these tools as guides to lead us to deeper places of love. We aren’t afraid to say we don’t know the answer. There is a diversity of perspectives within our community. We believe that diversity is good and helps us flourish in our understanding of the multifaceted glory of God.


Jesus’ life asked and explored responses to two important questions : who is religion forgetting and who is power oppressing. He had a way of chasing after the outsider and the people who society left voiceless. We believe the power and presence of Jesus has a special aptitude for showing up on the edges and in unexpected places.


We are an affirming school. We stand with the LGBTQIA+ community and believe in their holiness. We celebrate the diversity of God's creation in all its varied and beautiful forms. The first time the Bible talks of humanity it does so from the assertion that we are all made in the image of God. This claim provides dignity for all people and is our starting point with every person we meet. We believe God exists in gray and multitudes. We want all people who are part of the UCA family to feel free to explore and express who they are. We don’t put people in boxes. We don’t believe in being spiritual gatekeepers who say who’s in and who's out.


We believe God inspires awe and wonder and curiosity and mystery. We believe when humans feel safe and brave and loved they are close to God’s heart.


We believe that the most powerful way we communicate and emulate the love of Jesus is through relationship building and meeting tangible needs. We believe that caring for our kids means caring for their bodies and their souls. We believe caring for souls is empowering kids to know and listen to the messages their bodies send them about their own self. We believe an integral part of empowering kids to be spiritually healthy means empowering them to be emotionally healthy.


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